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Tips on hiring a solicitor

  • Learning about the law

    Learning about the lawLooking for legal information? In legal trouble? Wondering if you need to hire a solicitor? Learn About the Law is your starting place for help understanding the law. An online resource for up-to-date legal information about common topics such as will preparation, divorce and "no win, no fee"; and specific legal issues related to child custody and redundancy.

  • What to expect

    What to expectYou should expect a solicitor to review your legal issue, explain your options and recommend a proposed course of action. Your solicitor should clearly explain any fees associated with their work on the matter and provide you with a solicitor fee agreement in writing. Fees between clients and solicitors are based on several factors, including the solicitor's overhead costs, reputation in the field, the type of legal problem, and what other solicitors in the area charge for similar advice. It is perfectly reasonable to have the solicitor explain legal terms and billing structures you may not understand.

  • Choosing the right solicitor

    Choosing the right solicitorWhile you may know a solicitor and/or seek a referral through friends or family, it is important to remember that you are likely to be looking for a solicitor who has special experience and expertise in dealing with problems or issues such as the one you're facing. Your solicitor will be helping you solve your problems, so the first qualification is that you must feel comfortable enough to tell him or her, honestly and completely, all the facts necessary to resolve your problem. No one you listen to and nothing you read will be able to tell you which particular lawyer will be the best for you; you must judge that for yourself.

  • Hiring a solicitor

    Interviewing a solicitorOnce you have identified solicitors who might be able to assist you with your matter speak to them over the phone or meet with them in person so that you can get acquainted. When scheduling an initial meeting be sure to ask about any fees. The answers you get in your initial conversation will help you to get a better idea of which solicitor will be the most suitable for your case. It is a good idea to write down any answers you receive, and you can then compare the answers to help you to make a final decision about who you should meet.

    Some initial questions you might ask:

    • - Has the solicitor successfully handled similar cases previously?
    • - What are the terms of the solicitor fee agreement?
    • - What is the range of possible outcomes for your case, including rough estimates of time and cost?
    • - Will the solicitor have sufficient time to devote to your case?
    • - Can the solicitor provide references from other clients?

    If you're ready to get started, you can search from over 10,000 solicitors in our Solicitor Directory.